Trauma, child abuse and neglect – consequences and treatment

At the module held last weekend (April 23 to April 25), for second-year students of the educational program in child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy, we dealt with, among other things:

– What happens to attachment if the figure of attachment is also the person who is abusing the child?

– Why is it important to work with a non-abusive parent in the psychotherapy of a child who is traumatized and how?

– What are the most common misconceptions in the psychotherapeutic treatment of children who come with psychological trauma?

– What are the advantages, possible disadvantages, own strengths and obstacles in using the TFCBT model and the three-phase model?

– Why is it necessary to cooperate with the institutions of the child protection system and how to write reports on suspicion of abuse and neglect?

– When is child psychotherapy indicated and when is it contraindicated?

The lectures were given by our mentor, supervisor, full professor in the program of child integrative psychotherapy, expert of the Council of Europe for Child Protection, director of the Polyclinic for Child and Youth Protection of the City of Zagreb – Gordana Buljan Flander, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Sincere thanks to the psychologist of the Polyclinic for the Protection of Children and Youth of the City of Zagreb Elli Selak Bagerić, who conducted the educators through an experiential exercise and selflessly shared their experiences and challenges in working with traumatized children.

We are grateful to our dear Professor for her strength, patience and determination to open the topics of children’s psychological trauma, abuse and neglect and thus call us all to act responsibly.

Only through knowledge, specialized education and joint action of experts can we decisively and courageously influence the breaking of the chain of abuse and neglect of children.

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