Third module – Support to parents, carers and families in maintaining the mental health of children and adolescents

Predavači: Dipl. Senka Čimpo, psychologist and psychotherapist Đana Lončarica, psychologist and psychotherapist


The third module of education was related to crisis interventions in group work with an emphasis on concise psychological integration of trauma.
It also included specific phases and procedures of crisis interventions, but also a detailed description of phases and procedures in the implementation of the group summary
integration of trauma, the role and tasks of the leader, possible challenges and obstacles in the work, evaluation after the procedure. Also in
In this module, a special focus was on online crisis interventions and groups working online. Work is also included
with families in crisis situations, but also the implementation of psychological integration of trauma in working with children and adolescents. This module
it also included two exercises, as well as the opportunity to talk and share the experiences of all participants.