With the module Development of Gender and Sexual Identity in Children and Adolescents begins a new cycle of education and new collaborations

In the past three days, we have been learning and linking scientific achievements and skills through practical interventions on gender and sexual identity development in children and adolescents, led by a great Ass. Prof. Goran Arbanas, MD psychiatrist and psychotherapist, FECSM, President of the Croatian Society for Sexual Therapy – Clinic for Psychiatry Vrapče. Prof. Arbanas has been dealing with issues of sexuality as well as transgender and transsexualism for many years. Prof. Arbanas has also agreed to continue our cooperation, which we sincerely look forward to.
The module is part of regular education for students of educational program in child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy and was open to experts, our dear guests, who deal with counseling, psychotherapy and treatment of children and young people in their daily work.

A new cycle of education has started with this module, and for those interested in enrollment, the competition remains open until the end of November 2019. https://bhidapa.ba/cetverogodisnji-edukacijski-program-iz-djecje-i-adolescentne-integrativne-psihoterapije/ 

BHIDAPA, as a full member of the European Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Services for Children and Youth-EIATSCYP, is the only accredited educational program in the field of child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy and counseling in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aimed at developing and empowering professionals in the treatment of children, young people and their parents and liaising with other institutions and organizations, with the aim of protecting, preserving and promoting the health and well-being of children and young people.

With the support of the Dječija kuća, we are expanding our network of cooperation with institutions and organizations with the common goal of achieving the highest standards of protection for children and young people. We sincerely thank the Dječija kuća for their warmly hospitality and established cooperation!