Work with adolescents – Mirjana Graovac, child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychotherapist

“Working with adolescents”

was held:
od 11.-13. 11. 2016.

The workshop was led by Mirjana Graovac, psychotherapist, Director of the Department of Adolescent Psychiatry, Clinic of Psychiatry – University Hospital Center Rijeka


“Adolescents, despite the knowledge and experience of the leader, are” always one step ahead. Therefore, the leaders of adolescent groups are again, again … continuously – “on a new exam”. It can be concluded that facilitators and the group (as a whole) form a specific “transition object” during the group process, which becomes a specific quality and healing experience for adolescents in the growing up processes visible in the group. Clinical practice has shown that spontaneity and creativity in the game are valuable experiences in the therapeutic process, which provide adolescents with a departure from previous patterns of behavior, and open spaces for new experiences and new opportunities. By playing roles, adolescents find it easier to “slip” into unconscious content that is less “dangerous” through play. (Graovac, 2016.)

The module was open primarily to students of the European Educational Program in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, but also to persons involved in daily work, psychotherapy, treatment, education, education of children and youth, and improving the mental health of children and youth and their benefits.

During the three days of the workshop, through a theoretical presentation, work in small groups, plenary discussions, large groups, participants gained knowledge about:
– Theoretical concepts of adolescence
– Specifics of group psychotherapy of adolescents
– Therapeutic techniques of analytical psychodrama
– The way of expressing the internal conflicts of adolescents
– Techniques and dynamics that determine the definition and direction of work with adolescents