Work with traumatized children and high-conflict divorces – Gordana Buljan Flander, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

“Working with traumatized children and high-conflict divorces”
was held

Module leader was: Gordana Buljan Flander,
Director of the Polyclinic for Child Protection of the City of Zagreb, psychologist and psychotherapist

The module was open primarily to students of the European Educational Program in Integrative Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy, but also to persons involved in daily work, psychotherapy, treatment, education, education of children and youth, and improving the mental health of children and youth and their benefits.

“A number of studies have consistently shown that the severity of conflict between parents, not divorce itself, is the primary cause of negative outcomes for children.

During the module, through theoretical presentations and experiential work and exercises, students acquired knowledge and skills related to the following topics:

– Types of trauma in children
– Specific methods of working with traumatized children
– Areas and goals in treatment – the role of the therapist
– High-conflict divorce and consequences for the child
– Manipulation in divorce and false accusations of abuse
– Interventions in the best interests of the child
– Parental counseling
– Experience in working with high-conflict divorces at the Polyclinic for the Protection of Children of the City of Zagreb

Working with traumatized children and high-conflict divorces are places where a child’s inner world collapses. Contact with such content upsets us experts as well. Then we wonder what and what is the best way to be of support to the child and parents. This time we had the pleasure to research and reach these highly demanding topics, with the world-renowned expert Gordana Buljan Flander, child and adolescent psychotherapist. Through this Module we have strengthened our knowledge and capacities for clearer and more direct steps in protecting the integrity of the child.

postgraduate students in integrative children
and adolescent psychotherapy and new colleagues