Mental health of children, as the foundation of overall health – we must ensure multidisciplinarity and intersectorality

Gostovanje na TV Alfa na temu Mentalnog zdravlja djece

“Statistics show that almost every fourth child is at high risk of developing a mental disorder, and that a large number of children suffer, and an insufficient number of experts who recognize specific symptoms that manifest in children and adolescents.

– In order to preserve the mental health of children, as the foundation of all health, we must ensure multidisciplinarity and intersectorality. Psychotherapy for children and adolescents is different from psychotherapy for adults. This especially refers to the role of the therapist and cooperation with parents, said Mirela Badurina, a psychotherapist, in the afternoon program of TV Alfa.

The role of therapists in therapy with children and adolescents is very complex. Techniques are modified according to the stages of child development and level of education, on which the choice of techniques depends. According to the psychotherapist, a special difficulty is the preoccupation of the child’s ego with the defense of the therapist, which is especially emphasized in adolescents, and which creates difficulties in establishing relationships.

– Unfortunately, statistics show that only 20 percent of patients seek professional help. What is even more devastating is that only five percent of children are recognized with mental problems and five percent of them receive adequate help, Badurina pointed out.

The biggest cause of such devastating statistics is society. “